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Live Smart Contracts

Live Smart Contracts - Beresheet

Edgeware has magical functionality, that you will upload your contract once and you can instantiate many times.


Caching. Contracts are cached by default and therefore means they only need to be deployed once, and afterward be instantiated as many times as you want. This helps to keep the storage load on the chain down to the minimum. On top of this, when a contract is no longer being used and the existential deposit is drained, the code will be erased from storage (known as reaping).

We have deployed few contracts for you to the Beresheet - our testnet network (open Apps) to make it easy play for you. You will just need download particular metadata (ABI) for particular contract so your browser understands it.

Code hashes

  • erc20

  • erc721

  • incrementer

  • multisig_plain

  • trait-erc20

  • trait-flipper

  • dns

  • delegator

  • contract terminate


Add Code hashes

Navigate to the contracts

Copy one of code hashes from above, put them in code hash, name it and choose metadata, that json one, it should look like this

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