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Upgrade your Edgeware Node to Erup-5

Erup-5 is the latest release from Edgeware, allowing your node client to be able to

We want to provide a fast setup experience for you. If you have Docker, you can launch an Edgeware development node in a few seconds:

Note if you are running a validator using the older edgeware

Step 1: Get the new binary

Build from source:
$ git clone & cd edgeware-node/ & git checkout erup-5-latest & cargo build --release  

Step 2: Remove "lightSyncState" from your chainspec file

Your validators chainspec file might cointain the "lightSyncState" column, if so delete that line and restart your validator with the new chainspec and the new binary.

This is part of the sc-light crate from Parity that has now been depricated and is removed and replaced.

Step 3: Copy over the new binary

Copy the binary to your validator node and restart your validator with the new binary.

Read more about ERUP-5 on the release page: