Edgeware Node
Blockchain networks are composed of individual nodes that are connected by a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Nodes are the individual computers on a network running the blockchain software that makes everything work. The Edgeware Node subsection includes anything relevant to nodes on operating on Edgeware.

For node operators, validators, and other users

A getting started guide can be found at our Github Wiki, including guides for running a node, validating, and setting up basic monitoring tools to keep your node online.

To start your node and connect to Wako v3.3.3

For Mainnet, run:
docker run --rm -it decentration/edgeware:v3.3.3 edgeware --chain=edgeware --name <INSERT-NAME> --wasm-execution Compiled
For Beresheet testnet, run:
docker run --rm -it decentration/edgeware:v3.3.3 edgeware --chain=beresheet --name <INSERT_NAME>
For any additional questions or information, refer to our builders-general channel in the Edgeware Discord.
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