Edgeware uses a version of proof-of-stake called Nominated Proof-of-Stake, and stakers are split into two types:
    Validators: Node operators who secure the network and are backed by nominators and their own stake.
    Nominators: EDG holders who delegate/nominate their EDG to a validator and share in the benefits.
See more details about these roles below:



Validation requires establishing a node, setting up your account and keys, and bonding EDG in order to verify blocks and secure the network. Follow these steps, in order, to get started.

Staking and Consensus Parameters

Reaping Threshold: The amount that an account must maintain in order to avoid deletion.

Consensus configuration

    Runtime version: 28
    Blocktime: 6 seconds
    Session: 60 minutes (600 blocks)
    Era: 6 hours (6 sessions per era)

Staking configuration

    Validators at launch: 10
    Validator slots at launch: 60
    Bonding duration: 14 days
    Slashes deferred duration: 7 days
    Cancellation of slashes: 3/4 of council required - need to revisit this
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