Increasing Validator Count via Governance Action

    Currently 60 to 85 proposed.
    Promotes network security and decentralization.

Adding Registrars to Improve On-Chain ID verification of Important Figures, including Validators and Council

    First Registrar Added March 17

Smart Contract Functionality

    Dependent upon Development of Compilers and the Ink! Smart Contract Language
    Native Ink! Utilizes Smart Contract Substrate Palette
    Palette may also support Solidity Wasm.

Onboard the Ethereum Ecosystem, Dapps and Developers

    Support for Ethereum Dapps and Solidity
    Ethereum <> Edgeware/Polkadot Bridge (depending on Parachain status)
VM / Platform
Ethereum EVM
Substrate EVM (Solidity/EVM,) Solang (Solidity to Substrate Compiler),
Ethereum Bridge
Centrifuge Bridge, ChainX, ChainSafe ChainBridge
Ethereum EWasm

Assess Opportunity on Polkadot

    Polkadot expected to launch in 2020.
    Will require that the community approve and plan to acquire DOTs for parachain slot auction.

Track and Assess Substrate Improvements for Upgrade


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