A block explorer for smart contracts on the Edgeware - Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Block explorer
    Reports the most recent finalized block, followed by every prior block which has been finalized on the beresheet testnet. This page also includes: how many transactions were present on the block, the byte size of the block, and how recent the block was finalized. Also present is the Gas limit, and the percentage (%) of Gas used.
Validated Transactions
    Reports the most recent validated transactions: type, status, address, transaction fee, block number, and how recent the transaction was validated. Every prior validated transaction on the Beresheet testnet are listed beneath the most recent validated transaction.
    Reports an addresses': Balance, percentage of market cap, and the number of transactions associated with the account.
    graphql -- reference: https://graphql.org/
    RPC -- This API is provided for developers transitioning their applications from Etherscan to BlockScout. It supports GET and POST requests.
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