Lockdrop Allocation Formula

Concluding Parameters

From the Lockdrop Conclusion Metrics page, backed up here:
The final ETH/EDG ratio is 1 ETH : 1,156 EDG.
Total Locked ETH
1,199,728 ETH
Total Signalled ETH
4,346,544 ETH
EDG Distributed to Lockers
EDG Distributed to Signals
EDG Distributed via Genesis
Effective Lockers ETH
2772238 ETH
Number of ETH Addresses participating in Locks
Number of ETH Addresses Participating in Signals
Effective Signalers ETH
1120407 ETH
Network Launch Date
Feb 17 2020
ETH in Generalized Locks
313,872 ETH
Additional effective ETH attributable to generalized lock
251,098 ETH
Effective ETH is contributed ETH modified by the bonus, lock weight and EDG/ETH ratio.

Lock-Allocation Calculation

In the lockdrop event, the number of EDG actually obtained by each locking user is determined by a formula:
timingBonusModiferlockWeightuserETHLocked(totalEDG/totalETH)timingBonusModifer * lockWeight * userETHLocked*(totalEDG/totalETH)


Timing Bonus Ratio: User-Controlled Parameter. The earlier you lock in the event schedule's 7 bonus periods, the higher this bonus modifier is. Per the above schedule, the parameter options are:
Time Period
Bonus Modifer
June 1 - June 15
June 16- June 30
July 1 - July 15
July 16 - July 30
July 31 - August 14
August 15- August 29
August 30 - August 31
Weight: User-Controlled Parameter. Participating via a three-month lock will get 1(weight) when distributing EDG tokens; Participating via a twelve-month lock will get 2.2 (weight) when distributing EDG tokens.
User's Locked ETH: User-Controlled Parameter The specific number of ETH the user locks.
Total Allocatable EDG: System Parameter _**_Total EDG in at Edgeware genesis is 5 billion, or 5,000,000,000. 4.5 billion is distributed via the lockdrop event. Therefore, total allocatable EDG is 4,500,000,000.
Total Locked ETH: Aggregated User Contribution The total number of ETH locked.
Ratio of EDG to ETH: The number of lockdropped EDGs that one ETH can obtain. This parameter cannot be known until the end of the lockdrop event because the total ETH locked must be known. Since the event closed and stats have been published, it is understood to be 1 ETH : 1,156 EDG.
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